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Catalog Number 2005.037.0004
Object Name Disc, Compact
Scope & Content Bob Bascom CD Volume 4

Robert Hicks

Evergreen Slate- 1916
w/ James Burdett- 1933
"Boom Era"
Depression was tough, but the veins remained in the ground. Natured colors are great assett, different textures, thicknesses
After 1947, boom building
Quarry on Bullfrog Hollow rd. Worked early punching slate, no lift trucks, all done by hand.
Harold Lincoln, driver and loader, 3 men unloaded every morning.
Drive over to Switch (near race oil) and loaded boxcars by hand.
3rd largest product shipped on D+H RR

Price Wars- yes, much competition, only area with all colors.
Sea-Green is most popular color, now called "semi-weathering gray-green"

any veins giving out?
Vein from West Pawlet to Bomoseen-2 miles wide, not close to exhaustion. "If it ain't slate, its temporary"
Need for wider marketing, publicity
china, India, South Africa- have made in-roads in the market-have inferior product, we're behind in marketing.

Does slate from this region dominte sales?
Asphalt shingles are more popular, slate is expensive, longer lasting.

Now, machinert to lift everything, not necessarily good, old welsh slatemakers lived longer.
Old lunch pail- had top layer, fruit, sandwishes in bottom.
1950's-diamond saw first used, no stick, cable on carriage, now roads used, trucks crry from pit. It was a welsh craft, 1849 ads to Wales brought them here.

Talented people? Welsh were jealous of their talent

Visitors from northen VT, had tur at Evergreen, decided to use slate on new house, gave wife a hammer and chisle t split her own slate, she was convinced by it.
Memorable people
A) best producer-Eugene Norton, owned several quarries. Cower was chauffer, after hurricane in 1911, Norton loaded a train with slate, sent to NewOrleans for re-construction "product lasts too long"
1849-Potato Famine-departed Cork Cathedral, last sight they saw.
1992-need to re-roof cork cathedral, decided on fading green
Shipped 6-7 containers of slate to them.
how to pay? all visitors could write message on back of slate for $ 3, sold many slates this way.

B) Hugh G. Williams- Welsh immigrant, mayor of Granville-during the Depression, issued script, redeemed it years later.
C) O' Brien
D) Welsh nicknames-
other immigrant groups.

Workers who became owners- Hugh G. Williams and Bud Beach
VT has greater share of the the vein.
Hilltop Quarry
Alden-Conger Quarry-bet tramway to Raceville for nearest railway, operated by steam engine.

"Consider Slate"
Physical characteristics
Creator Bascom, Bob
Title Bob Bascom Interview CD's