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Catalog Number 2005.028.0001
Object Name Tape, Cassette
Scope & Content Family:
father is oldest of 4 boys - 2 sisters
John, Larry, Andrew, George, Anna, Katie
Shimooka? PA - worked in Coal mines - moved to Granville eventually.
moved to Wells, had farm run by brothers/
entered quarry business - Larry Sable left farm after father and mother moved to Potter ave.
Andrew Spurmak (mothers brother) worked in quarry.
started his own quarry w/7 brothers - went in WW 1

after war oldest continued with business.
Whole family moved gradually into Granville to be near Slovak Church.
Grandmother was mid-wife.
Potter ave and Park Street were Slovak due to church (Byzantine Church)
Polish church was left on Swing ave?

Spurnak Quarry was "on flats" on potter ave.
Quarry also - small quarries had "stick"
both families are out of the business.
after ww 2 - Andrew Spurnak stayed in business, Sabols moved to Ludlow. all survived ww2

*Slovak customs? huge celebrations
father worked for government ("bounty hunter?") married late (35)
-X mas - Kuba (men in costume) gave candy to children - older members of Slovak church were Kuba.
food? - punina - stuffed veal/ cracker crumbs/eggs/ stuffed cabbage/hams/polish (sausage?) baskets on lawn, priest blessed the food (before Easter) fasted 7 days before then went home and ate food.

games-baseball/soccer/ping pong
relations- with other groups? good cooperation
her parents wedding lasted 3 days
music? - bands/great singers
weddings?- crowns/blessings

George Spurnak well known in Alaska - rescued ,many during earthquake - began his own airport - helped natives, 1 left business on their needs, etc.
Creator Williams, Stephen T.
Title Agnes Myer, Oral History