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Catalog Number 2005.037.0003
Object Name Disc, Compact
Scope & Content Bob Bascom CD Volume 3

Edward Carpenter, began in 1933.
Acquired Fair Haen Marble and Marblized Slate Co. Found 1859.
-how made marblized slate
-phased out in early 1900's
-father in 1930's directed it
-some roofing, mostly other bldg wall panels, slates
-father died in 1946, I took over them, owned 4 quarries.
Eureka Quarry, Parry in N. Poultney, Col. Allen, 2 in Fair Haven, red one in NY.
Had mostly administation job, company had architectural service dept, unique in area.
# of workers? 50 generally (40 in mills, 10 in quarries)
changes in industry?
More efficient equipment needed, splitting has to be hand done due to variation in ckeavage. Diamond tipped saw blades, methods are little changed for splitting and extracting, became 8 bature of rock.
Recently business has been re-born, 1946-47- began bldg boom
cycle extended again and again.
1920's-30's- "flat" business
40 cents hr wage on lower
1947 Stoneworkers organized at his quarries, workers look after one another, need insurence against hazardous conditions
Most wotk in slate because they like it.
Anecdotes? Eureka has a fault-"shear zone" Early one morning, found a slide, 2-3 years to clean it up. Fair Haven-1840, ealiest quarry, purple slate.Opening by Brunswick, made billiard tables.
Henry Reed, skilled quarryman, bed was flat there, used for electrical switchboards. Another quarry would have been impossible to operate profitable.
Roofing slate often overlooked, with new uses of constructional slate. Pentagon-wanted neutral color unfading green. 1940 contract, they furnished 5200 sq. - 75 carloads in less than a year.

Ernie Morris- Granville "all I've ever done"
Started in N. Wales- age 14
Age 17 enlisted in WW1- returned to quarry
1923-came to Granville.
went to Cot Bed first.
1924 opened own quarry with Elwin Jenkins
4-5 years.
1929 opened in So. Granville that panned out, also Western slate
Rising-Nelson-Jimmie Covino became nearly blind.
"A True Welshman"
So Wales went to Pennsylvania, splitter, trimmer, everything else. (black lung disease among those in shanties) I got a touch of it. Wheen seen shone there, you could see what you were breathing.
1930=Depression-quarries shut down
4-5 years-tough times
after depression, old men had died off, new group took over, started new quarries.
Warren Switch-lasted 3-4 years, a really good vein could last a lifetime, flagging, porches
Names of co-workers
1924- had three shanties, Mike Highland put up stick, Hughes had a team, never had an accident.
Lord Penrhyn hired me, paid very little 4-5 per month.
Fondest memories-after WW1, going to dances, damp, rainy in wales, not cold like here, cleavage is perpendicular in Penrhyn, can't walk up it like herem everything done by hand.
Would you do it all over again? No "There's no futre to it"

Herbert Jones-Poultney-Eureka Quarry in No. Poultney, started at age 14, worked 43 years. Dave Roberts was foreman, ran hoister for 3 years. 13 shanties in quarry, became trimmer, worked till 19 (1916)
Went to Seeyan, NY in Type writer factory, good wages (twice as much) WW1-in navy. Came back to Poultney in 1918, wire saw from PA, "core" hole, could cut rock easily, now hugh-speed saws used.
Not much slate, making by hand, few welshmen involved now. No in 80's-get fresh air and exercise.
what do you do now?
Operate "hoisters", bring slate to top of pit, have done "rigging"
Adjustment of the stick? Whenever a pillar of rock is finished.
Problems with Hoist?
Clincher-for 15 years, go up on the cables "hoister" I'm running now in 100 yrs old. first ran a carriage without brakes, had trapezee hook, had wooden bloack on cable to stop it, Owen jones carriage-best, most fool-proof conger.
Now at Eureka Quarry.
Made in Poultney, black smith had model made in foundry on Furnace street.
Regretas-slate dust-in shanites, used to x-ray every year, low wages, fans used now, OHSA rules, companionship with co-workers, especially in south poultney.
Eureka-unfading green, mottled green/purple, purple (non-fading)
Vein could last many more years.
Physical characteristics
Creator Bascom, Bob
Title Bob Bascom Interview CD's